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​ Tokyo Telecommunication Machine Business Corp provide the best solution to your business by strong partnership with world wide advanced technology suppliers. 

 Currently, it's difficult to differentiate service from others as there  are limited product and software are available in Japan. However there are a lot of unique hardware and software in the world which have good track records but not to deliver to Japan. Our telecommunication industry expert consulting and strong partnership with advance technology suppliers make your solution different from others.



Company name   Tokyo Telecommunication Machine Corporation

Representative   Koji Sakurai


1. Sales, ownership, rental and supervision of electronic precision instruments

2. Development, design, manufacture, sale, rental ,consulting and import / export of computers, their peripherals, communication devices and their software,

3. Providing various information using a network by computer and communication system, searching various information, Providing service of various software and its management

4. Computer system

5. Consulting on the introduction of various communication information systems

6. Trade and import and export agency services, their intermediaries and consulting

7. Sales of batteries, storage batteries, rectifiers, converters and other electronic devices and their peripherals

8. Paid job placement business based on the job security law

9. Worker dispatching business based on the Worker Dispatching

Act 10. All other tasks incidental or related to each item


​                8th floor PCP 1-11-1 Marunouchi Chiyoda-ku Tokyo, 100-0005, Japan

Branch office​

  • 10F mBAY POINT Makuhari 1-6 Nakase Mihama-ku Chiba-city Chiba Prf. 261-0023 Japan

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